The main inspiration for Jennet Raimond’s fascinating paintings are hard to pin down in a word. ‘The love of life, Scotland and of nature’ draw her to face a blank canvass and paint.

Jennet has been painting ever since she could hold a brush but due to life’s distractions only started painting full time in 2004 after 22 years due to getting married and raising her cherished kids…and all that between running not one but two cleaning companies!
Married at 18 for 14 years till she separated having had her 3 children, JULIE-ANNE aged 20 THOMAS 17 and OLIVIA 15.

Jennet has always loved life but suffers from M.E.and unfortunately  finds it difficult to manage day to day life without the help from her partner RABBIE. They have been together for over 3 years and are in business together with Keld Kleaners, Keld Kommercial Services and R & J Painters.  

She has two faithful friends called ELLIE(german shepheard) and MISSIS  ( a cross Staffy and Jack Russell).

Jennet Raimond lives in Yorkshire on the moors and adores driving to up to the Dales and Scotland to take pictures and paint.

Being completely self taught she prefers to paint both Oil and Acrylic on canvass. Her methods range from painting from photographs to physically sitting in front of her preferred subject matter.

Her grand parents are also very involved into arts and crafts and have helped encourage Jennet to create cards, magnets, Knit Scarves scrunches and hand bags.

She is also a qualified chef a qualified teacher, before becoming ill teaching Aqua Aerobics.

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